Sunday, 26 February 2012

Word Verification

I have taken the free 'Word Verification Free Blog' button from Beatrice Banks site.  (Thanks, Jack, for pointing me there.)  I've actually been WV free for ages now, as I found the whole thing so tedious and Francisca encouraged me to ditch it.  The new WV process is even worse!

I have honestly not had a problem since.  Blogger's spam filter works well to catch the adverts and the odd comment you'd rather not show can easily and quickly be deleted (and anyway WV won't stop weird or malicious comments if they're written by an individual).  I have comment moderation on for comments on posts older than 7 days - but that's only so I don't miss comments, as I don't get them emailed to me.

To anyone out there thinking of ditching WV - do it!  You won't look back - and the rest of us will thank you!


  1. Hear hear! Well done and thanks for the reassurance that you've had no problems since. I ditched it a while ago (though some sort of glitch put it BACK on one of my blogs!) and I've been driven mad where it still exists.

    I'm pleased I can still visit your blog without hassle.

  2. Oh yeah! It HAS gotten worse! And you're right..the spam blockers are great. Everyone should drop it!

  3. My eyes just aren't up to figuring out what letters are in 1 word, let alone the now required 2 word verification! Bravo for passing on the info about this to all! ~Lili

  4. The current version is unusually maddening, isn't it, Jenny? Some blogging friends still use it. I don't want to stop looking at their blogs, but they make it hard.

  5. Thank you so much for taking the button and displaying it! Hopefully, we can all get the message out to take WV off! It's such a pain!

  6. I got rid of it some time back -- no big deal. So glad you're doing the same!


No WV here but I've enabled comment moderation on older posts so I don't miss any of your messages. I love reading them - thank you! And thanks for visiting my blog.