Saturday, 31 March 2012


'A host of golden daffodils, beside the lake, beneath the trees, fluttering and dancing in the breeze.'  
 William Wordsworth

'Daffodils, that come before the swallow dares and take the winds of March with beauty.'
William Shakespeare


Not one to be idle, even whilst on maternity leave, my daughter is involved in a campaign to make London safer for cyclists.  (There have recently been some terrible accidents and fatalities.)  It's something I am very concerned about as my daughter, her husband and my nephew all cycle regularly and it can be dangerous.  If you know anyone who cycles and/or lives in London, please encourage them to sign up to make the capital a safer place to cycle.  Take a look at the campaign video they've just made; it's worth seeing, especially as it features, in her on-screen debut, my darling grand-daughter.  :-)    Link to it here.


  1. Lovely daffodil pictures. Mine have done strange things this year; some have bloomed vigorously over a long period while others haven't done very well at all.

  2. If you tweak the shape of the daffodil picture it would make an excellent picture postcard. Indeed most of your pictures would make wonderful picture postcards and there are a number of firms that will do it cheaply enough on-line.

  3. I watched the video last night. Elodie is a little bundle of sweetness (though I'm sure she has a healthy pair of lungs!).

    I used to cycle through London and agree that it is a nightmare. It's bad enough in a car!!

  4. Daffodils = Spring = Eye candy. Thanks. :-)

    I'm sure London would not be an easy place to bicycle, but I wonder what you'd say about the crazy driving here... ;-)

  5. Daffodils are the best symbol of spring.
    Your baby is so cute! in twenty years, the Oscar! :o)
    It's been long since I don't use bikes in cities anymore, Im sooo afraid!If it was possible to drive only bikes, big cities would be living dreams..

  6. lovely, lovely!!! And you KNOW I love the collage! :)

  7. What a lovely floral tribute to round off March.

  8. Beautiful shots. Ours are gone for the year, but it was a very good year.

  9. These yellow fields of daffodils are gorgeous, jennyfreckles. They are a wonderful symbol of spring.

  10. Funny I took a photo of Daffs today! What a coincidence! Love yours!
    What a gorgeous daughter and even more gorgeous grand-daughter you have!

  11. They are gorgeous...daffs are my favourite flowers.

  12. Lovely photos, and what a darling grandbaby! My daffodils are still in full bloom and I'm hoping they last through the week.


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