Monday, 26 March 2012

Kings Cross wonderland

I had a day trip to London last week for a brief reunion with my sweet grand-daughter.  She's thriving and seems a happy little soul most of the time.  She has recently learned to squeal - apparently just for the fun of it! - and is getting very 'conversational'.  I was granted some delightful smiles.

I was happily surprised at Kings Cross, the mainline rail terminal where the Leeds train arrives and departs, to find the new concourse open.  Very smart and spacious it is too, a thousand times better than the previous cramped lobby and with much better facilities.  It made my short wait quite a pleasure.  I  envisage the view from the mezzanine floor will become a much-photographed scene, akin perhaps to that famous view of Grand Central Station in New York.  I tried and failed to get an effective picture of blurred figures hurrying.  It didn't quite work, as there were too many people standing still and that spoiled the effect.  I needed a tripod too but that's one thing I generally don't carry with me in London!

[By the way, can someone please tell me how I can fix my blogs 'comments' so that I can add a reply linked to each comment?  Alan, Betsy and others can do this but I can't figure out how to. 
Later... Thanks Diane, embedded comments have done the trick.]


  1. I want a trip there, and St Pancras.

  2. I should not worry too much about not capturing a "blurred/active" shot, as what you have caught to my mind is an image of folk apparently stopping still in their tracks and staring in wonderment at the architecture unfolding around them . . . . . .

  3. Hi Jenny .. oh great - I just missed it when I went through twice a few weeks ago ... it looks stunning doesn't it. I know they're doing so much ready for the Olympics ...

    I gather they're starting a community type garden on the roof .. heard that this a.m. on Radio 4 ..

    Re your comments - if you're using the new interface that facility is available ...

    Can Alan? I have to change from Chrome to the IE plug in to be able to comment on his blog (Thornton Alan, you mean I hope) ...

    ... and I get comments for my blog, but won't get replies from you from here ...

    Delighted to read you saw your grand-daughter for a short visit .. so happy to see and know she's a happy soul.

    Cheers Hilary

  4. This architecture is very impressive, surely very solid and at the same time, it seems very light. I like it!
    (And sorry, I can't help you)

  5. That is a pretty impressive concourse. I don't agree with you about the blur effect. having people standing still and others blurred in motion is good. It accentuates the motion. Not having a tripod id tricky though as the rest of the image has to be sharp. I see there was a rail there. I often prop my elbows on rails to try and pretend I'm a tripod but you have to hold you breath and not shake the camera when firing... a tad tricky.

    I just went into comment settings and changed from pop up window to embed and the reply function is there. I am using the new editor.

    1. Thanks Diane - that's fixed the comments query - you are clever!

  6. Oh my goodness! It looks like the inside of a space age toadstool! It's a bit spectacular. I must go and see it 'in the flesh'.

  7. Ohhh verrrry dramatic

    Another incentive to get my project finished as it would be a great place for a photo-shoot with the end-result ... but I'd need a really good photographer =D

  8. I love the colours in your photo. The roof even reflects on the floor.

  9. There's always a lot of folk standing around waiting at stations so you've captured that here.

  10. The roof lines remind me of what it may be like inside a nautilus shell. Nice capture! ~Lili


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