Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sport Relief Mile

Last Sunday in Lister Park in Bradford, several hundred people joined in the Sport Relief 2012 Mile to raise money for charity.

It was all part of a major BBC TV-sponsored annual charity fundraising effort across the country, in which celebrities get involved, thousands of ordinary people do sponsored runs, swims and all manner of other stunts and millions of pounds is raised for charities at home and overseas.

Sport Relief's 2012 total stands at £52,070,587.00 as I write this, with money still coming in.

The atmosphere in the park was terrific, helped by it being a lovely warm spring day.  Anyone can join in, from the oldest to the youngest, fit and not so fit.  People ran, jogged or walked - in sports kit, fancy dress or even their pyjamas.  There was a dance exercise warm-up beforehand and plenty of music and fun afterwards. A good day out!


  1. Lots of fun and lots of money raised . A good day in more than one way.

  2. Great Step.Thanks a lot to all..

  3. And, did you feel compelled to join in?

    1.! I'm better at taking photos!

  4. That's you in the middle on the last photo. Isn't it?

  5. You mean you weren't dancing in your pajamas out there? I'm so disappointed... LOL! That's a lot of dinero raised... what was the charity that benefited? All those daffodils are eye candy to me as there aren't a whole lot of flowers to be seen here in this town in southern China. The signs of spring are mostly in mild weather and new fresh green leaves sprouting on the trees.

    After ten lovely days at home in Manila I'm back behind the Great Firewall. But I've found an anonymous proxy to bust out to social media and interesting news sites. The only problem is that while internet access is impressively fast here, this program slows it down to a centipedal crawl, making posting and blog hopping more than a little slooooow and frustrating. I agree with you the mindset here is still (in very general) not very much in sync with ours (but when I read what's going on in the States on the political front, I think they are just as alien... LOL!) I hope you are well!


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