Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A Dales village

Kettlewell village, which hosts the annual Scarecrow Festival, is situated in the upper Wharfe valley, about 20 miles from Saltaire. It is a compact limestone-built village, with the added charm of the little Kettlewell beck running through the centre to join the river. Many of the houses are very old; some have date-stones from the mid-1600s, and some of them are converted from old farms and barns.  There are Anglo-Saxon field systems in the nearby valley, and Roman remains too.  The village became prosperous in the 17th century through lead-mining and at one time had a cotton-mill, as well as being a centre for the local farming industry.


  1. Spent my childhood around beautiful villages like this. That is so quintessentially Yorkshire!

  2. It couldn't be anywhere else in the world that the Dales could it? The colour of the stone, the lie of the land. And it reminds me - we need to start thinking about our next "one village two views" challenge.

  3. Beautiful part of the world. I must get up there again some day. Sigh.


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