Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunny City Park, Bradford

A trip down the valley into Bradford now.... Despite the various grumblings about the cost of the new City Park in Bradford city centre, it seems to be hugely popular, with families treating it as a 'destination', almost like a day trip to the seaside. (The actual seaside is a very long way from here.) The pool is a very shallow area that is drained at night and gradually fills up with water during the day, to make a very shallow paddling pool. It has water jets that spurt up rather unpredictably, to the delight of most of the little boys and some of the little girls! It is attractively framed by the outdoor cafés in Centenary Square and presided over by Bradford City Hall, with its ornate clock tower. You may remember I showed a picture of the City Park lit up by night (see here). On a sunny day, it makes an equally absorbing scene with plenty of scope for people-watching!


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