Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Alpaca alert... Saltaire Archive display

Saltaire is a lovely place to take a short stroll on a summer's evening. I've often enjoyed having my evening meal and then taking a quick walk down to the park, over the footbridge, round the perimeter path, then back home. There have not been many evenings so far this summer when it's been nice enough to consider doing that -  and the light evenings are already starting to get shorter.  However, I did pop out the other night. There were a few other people about, in the park and having a drink on the terrace at the Boathouse Inn, but it was peaceful and the light was good. The sculpture of the two alpacas, just beside the Half Moon Café, is a fairly recent addition to Roberts Park. They are cast in metal (bronze?) and are getting quite shiny, polished by all the children who stroke them and climb up to ride on their backs!  They are a reminder that the vast mill and Saltaire village itself sprang from the fortune made by Sir Titus Salt from his innovative spinning and weaving of alpaca wool.

Those within visiting distance might like to know that a lot of the Saltaire Archive is currently on display, in the Fluke Room of the Victoria Hall, from 10 am - 3 pm every day up to and including 10 August. Admission £1. It's a great opportunity to see some of the fascinating photographs, documents and memorabilia related to Saltaire and its mill.


  1. Well, I've learnt something today. I would never have associated Saltaire with Alpacas. It's great to know that the sculptures are enjoyed by children.

  2. I just finished to read "World without end", by Ken Follett. There are a lot of informations about the wool industry in England, and that's fascinating. But I did not know about alpacas!

  3. Saltaire seems to have an inexhaustible supply of lovely walks. The alpaca statue is a good addition to this park.


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