Friday, 17 August 2012

Heading home, happy

As the crowds headed home, the evening light on the main Stadium was really pretty.  A perfect end to a perfect day...

There has been much to celebrate in this country these last few weeks (and hopefully the good times will continue throughout the Paralympic Games at the end of this month. Let's not forget those.) There was a thoughtful write-up in The Guardian the other day - here. Worth a read. I'm glad - and proud - to be British, with all that that means... and we do for once seem to be celebrating and enjoying the rich mix of cultures that we have here. I'm equally glad to able to enjoy the global sharing and insight we experience through each other's blogs. Talking of which, now the Olympics are over, I might actually have time to catch up on everyone else's posts!


  1. Lovely picture. It gives such a wonderful feeling of space and it is surprising that it is not as crowded as I imagined it would be. Down to good planning, design and architecture, I imagine.

    1. Yes, very well planned. It was much busier earlier but never threateningly so. By this time of the evening, the 'day' spectators were going and the evening ones were within the various venues, so it was quite peaceful in the Park as a whole.

  2. What a gorgeous light! Great shot, Jenny.
    I second you, let's not forget the Paralympic Games!


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