Saturday, 18 August 2012


And now for something completely different... or perhaps not!

I went to Kettlewell last weekend to visit their annual Scarecrow Festival. It was my first visit and I was very impressed. There were scarecrows all over the village - a trail, in fact - and they were not just your average kind of scarecrow but really imaginative and topical little tableaux. Inevitably there were a fair number of nods to the Olympics... the Olympic torch, the cyclist Bradley Wiggins (winner of the Tour de France 2012 and Olympic gold medallist), Boris Johnson (London's mayor) stuck on a zip-wire (click here for video of that hilarious incident), James Bond with his parachute, me in my raincoat! Aren't they terrific?

Kettlewell is a lovely little Yorkshire Dales village.  I did a 'tour' of it in 2010 - click the Kettlewell label below for those photographs, of the village and the Upper Wharfedale valley.


  1. It is a lovely bit of whimsy, jennyfreckles.

  2. Hi Jenny, I've just been enjoying your Olympic images, well done. I think if I'd been there I just might have had to book a ticket to the top of The Orbit (despite my desperate fear of heights) the lure of the view of London from up top might have been too would have been a cheeseburger and fries from McDonalds haha!

  3. what great fun!
    loved Boris on the zip wire!


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