Monday, 8 October 2012

Bolling Hall

Bolling Hall is one of the oldest buildings in Bradford.  Now a museum and swallowed up by the city, it was originally a medieval (1370) stone pele tower, built out on a hill in the countryside to protect its inhabitants from attack.  It would at that time have been surrounded by wooden buildings. The tower has been added to and updated many times over the years and the Hall has a fascinating history.

During the Wars of the Roses the Hall's owner Robert Bolling fought at the Battle of Towton in 1461 on the Lancastrian side. They were defeated and he lost his estate, which took ten years to win back. Later, during the English Civil War, the then owner Richard Tempest supported the King, whereas Bradford was a Parliamentarian stronghold. Bolling Hall was used as a base for the Earl of Newcastle and his Royalist troops, who attacked and besieged the town in 1643.


  1. It is a beautiful old building and is in food condition considering its age.. I guess it's a nice place to visit.

  2. A great building, but horrible history it went through.

  3. Whew! That's some history Jenny..glad's it,s still around after all this time.


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