Saturday, 20 October 2012

Elegant Harrogate

I like to find an excuse to visit Harrogate every now and again. It's an elegant spa town about 15 or so miles north-east of Saltaire, famous for its floral displays, parks and upmarket shops. It became famous when a mineral spring was discovered in 1571 and grew into a resort and spa in the late 18th and early 19th century. Nowadays you're more likely to find visitors attending a conference or trade exhibition, though there is still a functioning Turkish bath, with wonderful Victorian tiles and rich mahogany fittings. I go with a friend sometimes to relax in the steam rooms; lying around wrapped in fluffy white towels, with little to do but chat, is close to my idea of heaven!

My granddaughter's first birthday provided a good reason to visit, as there is a stylish children's clothes shop in Harrogate, part of the Jojo Maman Bébé chain (which in fact started out about 20 years ago in Wales, not France!)  The babycord dungarees with the sweet little toadstool pattern that she is wearing in her photo are from this store (and no, I'm not getting commission for mentioning them!)


  1. OH she is adoarable and I love her new overalls.

    This place with the fallen leaves and that black and gold shop on the right is trés charming.
    Bon weekend,

  2. Elegant indeed. We have a Harrogate about an hour and a half away, founded by Englishman Alexander Arthur in 1888. It sits next to the historically important Cumberland Gap and is home to Lincoln Memorial University.

    1. That's interesting - there must be some connection.

  3. Jennyfreckles, this scene is outstanding. The buildings are lovely and the streetscape is idyllic.

  4. oh, what a lovely place! I would find excuses to go, too!

  5. Another photo I'd like to just step into... What a charming town.

  6. i remember my Mum often spoke about Harrogate. I can't remember if she once lived there or was it that she had friends that lived there but I think it would have been different in the 20's.


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