Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Found in a wall

Both in Saltaire. And I can't decide which is the more attractive... the link with the past or the sight of nature asserting itself.  I think I'm right in saying that the sliding metal plate is a coal-hole, through which they used to deliver coal into the coal-shed in the terraced property's back yard.  As for the ferns, I remember being entranced as a youngster, learning about the mysterious life cycle of a fern.  Often overlooked, I find them really pleasing plants, especially contrasted with the rough stone as they are here.


  1. Ferns are always impressive, aren't they? But I'm really struck by the design that makes a simple metal plate a little work of art.

  2. Isn't it amazing how a fern can cling onto nothing and grow except when I put it in a pot and then it dies.

    1. Ha, yes, I've noticed just the same thing!

  3. Great finds. I'm always amazed when ferns (or similar) seem to grow straight out of stone...

  4. The coal-hole cover is art, isn't it. Today such a plate would be plain metal without any ornamentation. While I'm not a great fan of Victorian design, I do miss the need to put a little extra touch on the purely functional.

  5. A coal shute, what a fabulous find from days gone but Jenny, I would have been thrilled to find that. It's so fascinating where you see plants growing, I've seen them growing out Tarmac in the road..weird!

  6. I love both these images, Jenny! The days of coal are long gone here and most places I think.


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