Monday, 22 October 2012

Harrogate's Valley Gardens

Harrogate's Valley Gardens, one of the many public parks and open spaces in the town, is always worth a visit. It is especially famed for its Spring displays but it looked very attractive in the autumn sunshine and there were plenty of people strolling in its 17 acres of land. The trees here seemed to have a bit more gold on them than was visible around Saltaire at the same time (a couple of weeks ago). As well as meandering paths, there is a creeper-covered colonnade, a café, a boating lake and a large play area and skate park for youngsters. Apparently 36 of Harrogate's 88 mineral wells are found within the park, though I must say I haven't particularly noticed evidence of them.


  1. I'd be keen to dicover those mineral wells

  2. This is a pretty garden scene. The burgundy-colored flower heads stand out.


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