Monday, 29 October 2012

The other Saltaire

I'm thinking tonight of those who live in 'the other Saltaire', Suffolk, New York, USA, which is a coastal area east of the city (Fire Island). It is bearing the full force of the fierce hurricane storm that is attacking the eastern USA right now, receiving a terrible battering and already flooded. (See here for photos). Indeed, my thoughts and prayers are with all those in the affected areas and especially those that I know or who know me through our blogs.

I only know about 'the other Saltaire', because 'Google alerts' for Saltaire, which I subscribe to, picks up lots of stuff from there as well. It seems as though it couldn't be more different from here and I'm always fascinated that the two little communities share the same name.  I wonder how they got theirs?  Maybe if it doesn't get washed away completely (!) someone will tell me.

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  1. Thanks for your good wishes, jennyfreckles.


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