Friday, 23 November 2012

Heaps of sparkle

More Christmas baubles, this time fashioned into a huge and sparkling Christmas 'tree'. This is the main feature of the display in the very-up-market Victoria Quarter in Leeds: a series of wonderful Victorian arcades, now home to some designer stores, including the celebrated Harvey Nichols. All too expensive for my Christmas shopping - but good old M&S is just across the way!

I wasn't drunk at the time I took this photo (honest!) but the 'tree' is so huge and I could see the perspective was going to be wonky anyway - so it seemed a good idea to make it more so and get more of the baubles in!


  1. That at least is a beautiful Christmas tree ! In Brussels on the Grand'Place, they are building a metal Christmas tree which looks more than awful ! It's a shame on this beautiful place. I have put a collage on my Friday's post, but will do a more detailed post about this ugly thing on Tuesday !

  2. You may not have been drunk, but I feel a little tipsy just looking at it - and I haven't had anything to drink yet (honest).

  3. I love that time when cities begin to sparkle because of Christmas!

  4. I love this shot! All the reflections and the colorful roof -- and the tipsy angle too!


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