Monday, 18 March 2013

Two snow?

Someone suggested it would be interesting to see these two trees in all seasons.  I've shown them in spring and autumn.  Here they are in winter.

I'll bet they looked much like this this morning - yes, folks, it's snowy again in the frozen north of England.  But, as I'm still feeling too ropey even to trot out to the shop for some milk, I wasn't about to brave the blizzard.

I've cheated here ... I took the photo on a day when the grass was green and the sky white with cloud, converted the photo to mono (infra red) and added some noise - hey presto, it's snowing.  I created the image a few weeks ago; I haven't the energy for such tricks this week. But it proves the value of having a few random pics available for 'emergencies'!

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