Monday, 12 August 2013

And they're off...!

I'm getting a bit behind with posting photos... This was taken a week ago, at the start of a new 15k race, the Saltaire Shaker. It was a baking hot morning but that didn't deter runners, of all ages, from 36 clubs (including one from New York!) from taking part.  The race is designed to be scenic and all off-road, starting from beside Roberts Park and going along the canal towpath and through woods to Baildon and back.

I went to the park especially to take some photos and I took some nice ones of runners coming down from Hirst Locks - then silly old me managed to delete most of them from my camera before I'd downloaded them! Doh! I'm a very 'late-adopter' of new technology and it's only now that I have decided (dared!) to experiment with taking photos in RAW format. So it took me a while to figure out how to deal with them, and when I needed some more space on my memory card I forgot I had not moved this batch onto the computer.  Anyway, this is an historic picture, my first from a RAW conversion. I don't think I've mastered the technique yet... There are lots of things I've not yet worked out, and I am a bit wary of trusting my own eyes entirely to decide what the finished image should look like. (Too much choice is not necessarily good for me. One day things look better tweaked one way and another day I might decide I like something a bit different!) But the method gives many more possibilities so it seems worth a period of experimenting. I can always go back to jpgs if necessary.


  1. Deleting some great photos? Oh no. I always fear doing that, but not so far. But, back in the old days of film, I took a two week trip to Ireland and had about twenty rolls of film. The camera malfunctioned, so all that survived were half dozen from the first day.

    And RAW? Good for you. I tried RAW for 3 - 4 months last year, then decided that I wasn't going to make posters and large format prints from my pix, so I went back to .jpg. But, serious photographers insist on RAW, so I hope you learn it and enjoy it.

  2. A photographer friend of mine has been telling me I should be shooting in RAW. Sounds slightly risque...


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