Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Lincolnshire sunset

I've bemoaned before the fact that down here in my urban Yorkshire valley, with houses to the west, I hardly see the sky and rarely notice the sunsets. Not so for my sister. She lives in rural Lincolnshire - high up and on the flat lands. Lots of sky there.... She sent me this from her iPhone last week. Isn't it glorious? I'm proud to feature her as a guest photographer. I thought her photo deserved to be shared.... A lovely sunset seems to thrill nearly everyone; there's something instinctive about our response, I think. God's in his heaven, all's right in His world.


  1. Breathtaking!If your sister may see such a sky every evening, she must be a lucky and happy woman!

  2. Beautiful sunset, well done to your sister.
    I have rather a lot of sunset photos in my collection too!

  3. You're right about that :) I'm lucky in that although I live in town I live among buildings not too high and I can see sunrise from one end of the flat (if up early enough) and sunset skies from the other.

  4. Absolutely! I share your view, and this was nice to see. Thanks to your sister.


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