Friday, 16 August 2013

Thimble Stones

Venturing a little further along the moorland path, which has been recently paved in reclaimed Yorkshire stone and is a little piece of beauty in itself (some of the stones have patches of paint and rusty nails sticking out of them, testament to some previous incarnation) I came to this ancient place - the Thimble Stones.

They are huge rocks of millstone grit, and you may be able to see that two of them support a smaller boulder caught in between. This natural monument may have had some significance to our Neolithic and Bronze Age ancestors (before 2000BC). Rombalds Moor has a high incidence of 'cup and ring' marked stones.

Coincidentally, my good friend and fellow blogger Alan Burnett visited these stones during his 'West Yorkshire in Ten Squares' project - see here for his interpretation.  This can be a trailer for our next joint collaboration....


  1. I started reading your post and - before I got to the last paragraph - I said to myself, "I'm sure I've been there!" Still waiting for the car to be delivered, but once it is I promise that my first excursion will be to Silsden. By the way, the garage have asked me to ask you to let them have your address so that they can send you the invoice.

  2. A landscape for Jane Eyre! :o)

  3. What a beautiful photo. I can well imagine people thousands of years back seeing this as a magic place!

  4. I love your adventures around West Yorkshire. I never get tired of the moors.


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