Saturday, 3 August 2013

Trekking to Kilnsey

On the way back from Buckden, we pulled into the car park at Kilnsey Park for a few moments, to enjoy this lovely view. The rock in the background is the distinctive Kilnsey Crag, an overhanging limestone cliff popular with climbers. Kilnsey Park is a working trout farm (fish farming here dates back to the 1200s, when the monks of Fountains Abbey bred carp here) and it has diversified to provide all sorts of interesting amenities, including a fish smokery, nature trails (with rare orchids), fly fishing, farm shop and a restaurant. It's a beautiful spot and I keep meaning to visit Kilnsey 'properly' to enjoy all it has to offer.

There is an interesting connection with Saltaire, as the Kilnsey Park estate belongs to the family of Sir James Roberts, who took over Salts Mill from the Salt family. Kilnsey Park is now run by Jamie Roberts, the fourth generation of the family to live and work on the estate.

I have just found out that Jamie is planning to walk from Saltaire all the way to Kilnsey with a pair of alpacas, to commemorate both the 35th anniversary of Kilnsey Park and the 120th anniversary of his great great grandfather Sir James Roberts saving Salts Mill from bankruptcy. His trek starts next Tuesday 6 August at 11am, beginning from Salts Mill along the canal towpath from Saltaire towards Bingley. Anyone interested is invited to join him for parts of the way. More info on the Saltaire Village website. There is a weekend of celebrations planned at Kilnsey on 10-11 August.


  1. This landscape looks incredibly calm, fresh and .. english!

  2. A restful view and a big rock. Interesting story of the Roberts family. Four generations thats good going.

  3. It is a very pretty scene, jennyfreckles.

    Walking with alpacas as a celebration? It sure would not have occurred to me.


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