Tuesday, 3 September 2013


There is that biblical phrase 'the fields are white for the harvest' but I had never really noticed how white the fields are after the harvest, until I visited my sister's home the other day. She lives in rural Lincolnshire, down a fairly isolated lane in the flat agricultural lands. This huge field is just beside her house, the harvest already gathered. (Wheat? I don't know, not being a country girl). I think this year has been much kinder to farmers and gardeners than the past few. My sister has an old cooking-apple tree in her garden and it is laden with fruit. We picked blackberries too, hundreds of them, lush and ripe. I have purple fingernails now, stained with juice!


  1. Hi Jenny .. I hadn't thought of the white fields either - love the photo .. and I was up in Norfolk recently .. and the fields were just lovely. Harvest time in a year like this is fabulous .. good picnicking time ...

    ... as well as blackberry picking, making apple to store - bottling or freezing .. and then having a baked apple for dessert ...

    Wonderful memories - cheers Hilary

  2. You remind me of childhood memories!I had purple fingernails too! :o)

  3. My apples are not quite ready yet - Lincolnshire is warmer than up here. I am watching the blackberries on the road side with care - any day now.


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