Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Listers Mill stands guard

The other end of the panorama started yesterday (missing out a significant proportion of what lies between the two images). This is the camera swung round 180º from the first picture.  The dominant feature is Listers Mill, now apartments. Unlike Salts Mill, it sits on a hill and can be seen for miles around. Around it clusters Manningham, once a smart residential area for Victorian gentry, now an interesting, racially-mixed area of bedsits, flats (in the large Victorian villas) and large terraced houses. The green area of trees in the middle is where Lister Park nestles; you can perhaps pick out the large building among the trees that is Cartwright Hall, the art gallery in the park.

To the left is the edge of Bradford city centre, which sits in a bowl surrounded by hills. I'm not too sure which church the tall spire on the left belongs to. I think it might be St Paul's Church in Manningham.


  1. Wow! What an imposing structure! I'd love to see this in person, but that's getting to be an old line, isn't it. lol

  2. This side seems more developed, with far less green space than in the opposite view.


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