Monday, 2 September 2013

Pop up sunshine

Though I love (other people's) gardens, I can at best be described as an 'occasional gardener' myself. Every now and again I have a spurt of interest to plant and water with intent, but when that fades, things either go rampant or die (often both in the same border at the same time!) I am nearly always delighted therefore with the pretty little wild things that choose to pop up bravely between the cracks and among the invited plants. I have no obligation other than to enjoy them. These little Welsh poppies (Meconopsis cambrica), sometimes orange and sometimes yellow, have short-lived flowers but I like them. They bring a little sunshine to the dark corners of my yard. This one, so newly 'hatched' that it still wears its sepal like a yarmulke, has petals as crumpled and fragile as a butterfly's wings.


  1. This picture is so lovely!
    like you, I have a special love for discret wild flowers.

  2. How pretty ! I also prefer to sit in a garden then to work in a garden !

  3. I love this little flower! A bit like the California poppy but a wonderful light orange. Boston is looking good for the Fall Jenny!

  4. Beautiful! Still smiling at the sepal/yarmulke!


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