Sunday, 26 October 2014

Beauty in the familiar

Meanwhile, back in Saltaire, the autumn colours are peaking. I left my car in London for a couple of weeks to assist my family so I'm back to walking everywhere. I love the rhythm of walking and it keeps me fit, so I don't mind at all. I took the scenic route on my way to do the supermarket shop, past Saltaire's church and along the canal towpath to Shipley. This is only a humble iPhone photo but the colours are good and the scene nicely balanced. It's a view I never tire of and it looks so different in different seasons and lighting conditions.  Click the Saltaire URC label below to see more photos of this lovely heritage church.


  1. It's such a beautiful church, Jenny!

  2. Just gorgeous...especially for your phone! I love it!

  3. Beautiful, jennyfreckles! I don't often post iPhone photos, but I think they can often be terrific.


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