Wednesday, 21 January 2015

No more wet feet

This is part of my regular lunch-break walk, along the canal towpath between the mills. For a long time now there has been one stretch of the path that floods right across after heavy rain. (A frequent occurrence here, of course!) One has the choice of: a hazardous balancing act along the edge of the stone sill next to the canal, undignified skeetering along the other edge whilst hanging on to the railings or simply ploughing on regardless, through the deep puddle.

All that has happily come to an end, thanks to a man from the Canal and River Trust in his natty little digger. Workmen have dug a drainage channel along the offending portion and relaid the stone chips. All is dry once more! Hooray!


  1. Were you a hazardous balancer, an undignified skeeterer or a plougher-on regardless?

    1. At first I was a hazardous balancer but then it really did get to feel hazardous so I became an undignified skeeterer. Ploughing on regardless not an option when you have to sit with wet feet all afternoon at work.

  2. I think a drainage was really necessary in this case !

  3. A dry walk ahead for you now, Jenny!

  4. Hooray! (Love John's humor.)


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