Friday, 23 January 2015

..S'no snow here...

Well, if I expected to see a white and pretty landscape when I opened the curtains I was sadly disappointed. As predicted, the snow that fell overnight did not linger here in the valley (we're only about 80m above sea level). Instead, it was a damp, foggy, grey morning. You can see snow lying on the surrounding hills though, and at even higher altitudes there has been quite a significant snowfall.

The mirror-like canal (hardly a breath of wind to ruffle the water) reflects the old wharves where cargo would once have been unloaded into warehouses. Nowadays there are businesses, a waterside restaurant and a gym, as well as some permanent moorings for canal boats.

The photo is taken from the Victoria Street bridge in Shipley. (Not to be confused with nearby Victoria Road in Saltaire. The dear queen had a lot of places named after her.)  My favourite - 'that view' - is from the same bridge but looking in the opposite direction.


  1. Those reflections are very attractive.

  2. That's a cracking shot. Lovely reflections and great in monochrome.

  3. Looks so different from 'that view' Jenny.. I agree with Mike, an excellent shot.

  4. Seems to encapsulate "winter in the north of England".

  5. Marvelous reflections. The water is glassy smooth!


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