Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Raw garlic

The challenge in my online photo group for January was 'One shot' - we had to take just ONE photo, no practice shots, no choosing the best of a number of pictures taken on an outing, no post-processing.

When I'm out with my camera, I usually go on 'an expedition' and often take quite a lot of photos of whatever takes my fancy. I shoot in RAW (unprocessed even by the camera) and then upload them to the computer and tweak them afterwards - crop, fine-tune the exposure. Sometimes they need very little intervention, sometimes I play around a lot with them, it just depends on my mood.

I decided that I couldn't bear to waste a whole 'expedition' and only take one shot - I love going out with my camera. So I decided I'd try a still life at home, for a change. This is my 'one shot'. I submitted the unprocessed RAW file to my group. However, I have processed the RAW file in the version above by very slightly adjusting the white balance. My camera renders things very cool so the original had a slight blue cast. I like this better.


  1. These days there aren't many photographers who can resist a little tweak of some sort Jenny :) Love garlic, super shot here.

  2. That is beautiful...belongs in a cookbook! I take that blue cast out of my photos, too.

  3. Very nice job! This is s lovely photo!

  4. I like the simplicity of this.

  5. Very artistic, jennyfreckles. I would absolutely fail if limited to one shot. And my one shot would be nowhere near as good as yours.


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