Saturday, 14 February 2015


Alongside Clarence Dock in Leeds, a long wall has been painted by various graffiti-artists. I haven't been able to find out much about it. There is quite a variety of styles of wall art and different images along the length. I liked these stags, though I have no idea what their significance is. It is a black and white image, I haven't desaturated it.

Seeing it reminded me that 'the Stags' was the nickname for our local football team in the town where I was brought up. I was told as a child that the first words I learned to say were 'Up the Stags!'... Apparently this feat was due to assiduous coaching by my uncle!


  1. Almost looks like pen and ink piece Jenny, I like it very much, tres dramatic.

  2. wow I like this, it's stunning, very talented artist.

  3. This is pretty good, isn't it? Stag = hart, the source of the name Hartford.


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