Sunday, 22 March 2015


I spent much of Saturday in Ilkley's Manor House Museum. My camera club is showing its bi-annual exhibition there, this year entitled 'Creative Light'. Of course, many volunteers are needed to act as stewards, welcoming people and keeping an eye on things. Once my shift was over, I stayed to attend a short workshop run by one of our club members about Adobe Lightroom, the photo processing package that I now use most often. I am fairly proficient with it these days but, like most software, it has many facets that I have hardly explored yet. It's always interesting to hear someone else's ideas and I always learn a bit more.

The exhibition is well worth seeing; we have some amazing photographers in the club. I didn't manage to submit prints (the run-up to the deadline coincided with my granddaughter's birth) but I have four images in the digital slideshow that runs on a loop in one of the rooms.

I love the museum too. It's only small but the simply whitewashed rooms and old beams have a lovely quality. Unfortunately, when our exhibition closes on 12 April, the Museum is also closing. Bradford Council say they can no longer afford to run it and the future of the building and its associated cottages is in doubt. (See here).


  1. That was certainly a very nice day ! I have difficulties to join a photo club, because of the language ! Due to my English blogging I learned all technical words in English and I don't understand the French once, that takes the biscuit !

  2. I do like simple tranquil buildings like this. Such a shame its closing, maybe someone will buy it and turn it into a beautiful home.

  3. It's a lovely place for the old walls and sunlight streaming in!

  4. Jenny: If you could tell me how you transfer your photos from your IPhone to your blog, I would be forever grateful. I would send you homemade cyber biscotti! Your photos are wonderful.


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