Saturday, 7 March 2015

J B Priestley

I haven't had chance to see any of the activity but apparently they have been filming again in Saltaire. It is often used as a location for films and TV dramas. This time it is the BBC commissioning a new production of J B Priestley's most famous play 'An Inspector Calls', a detective thriller set in 1912. Our local newspaper provides more detail here. Salts Mill provided the backdrop for scenes taking place in a mill.

It is quite fitting, as J B Priestley (1894 -1984), novelist, playwright and broadcaster, was born and spent his early life in Bradford and much of his work is set against a Yorkshire backdrop. His statue stands in front of the Media Museum in Bradford, looking out over the city.


  1. The artist did a a good job of making us think J. B.'s sculpture is standing in the wind.

  2. I, too, love the wind in that sculpture! How creative!

  3. It must be exciting having TV crews filming in your town. Maybe you can be an extra?

    Mr. Priestly looks like Alfred Hitchcock wearing a cape.


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