Monday, 9 March 2015

Lost rabbit

This is not mine but.... Has anyone seen a rabbit?  This toy was lost, apparently, on Saturday 8 March somewhere in the vicinity of Salts Mill or the car park. He's 'a classic Pooh rabbit made by Gund, about 25cm tall, brown with a lighter brown tummy'. I do hope somebody has found him and will see this. I saw the appeal on Facebook and I've shared it on there but I know this blog has a good local readership too. If you've found Rabbit, please email me from the profile link.

I can remember when my daughter's beloved Eeyore stuffed toy went missing. She was heartbroken. Thankfully, he eventually turned up... hidden at the bottom of the bed at Nana's house and not at all where we thought we'd lost him! My daughter still has him.

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  1. I had forgotten that I have a stuffed Eeyore in storage in the basement. Things do get lost. I use to find the plastic star wars figures in parking lots as they would fall out of cars when the kids got in and out.


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