Thursday, 5 March 2015


Life is a tangle at the moment, a perfect storm of tasks to do that are all both urgent and necessary. Some of it is at work, so that I'm working rather longer hours than I normally would  - and some at home. My plan this year was to get a lot of things done that I have had on my mental 'to do' list for ages, and I am achieving that. It's better to do a lot of it at this time of year too, since the weather has not been conducive to getting out on expeditions, even though I could do with stocking up on photos. I took this on my iPhone during a very brisk lunchtime walk. It seems a good image for what was inside my head at the time! Though a brisk walk does help to clear a bit of brain space.


  1. My kind of picture, jennyfreckles. I like!

  2. Looks a little what's going on in my head too Jenny :) where would we be without lists, the mental and literal kind!

  3. A tangle? I'm sorry, jennyfreckles. Those brisk lunchtime walks might be the best approach to unsnarling the tangles.


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