Thursday, 26 March 2015

Victoria Hall

This is a picture that I couldn't have taken a few weeks ago. It's Saltaire's Victoria Hall from the north-west. Previously it was pretty much obstructed from view by huge horse chestnut and copper beech trees, planted in the 1950s. The original design for this part of the village was very much that it would be a spacious central area, a focal point, with the Victoria Hall (then the Saltaire Club and Institute) on one side and the school opposite. The trees were added later and became very large. Some felt they added beauty and softened the architecture but the Council eventually decided they were too big and were becoming a nuisance so there has been an extensive and controversial tree felling operation in recent months. Though it's perhaps a pity they took the smaller trees as well as the horse chestnuts. I rather liked the pink blossom (see here).


  1. It is nice to have a clear view of Victoria Hall Jenny, it's a beautiful building, but oh that cherry blossom tree was tres pretty.

  2. This looks like a historic photograph from 1890! And, even though the regal building looks good now, that lovely pink tree is quite a loss.


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