Thursday, 19 March 2015


It seems that if you can find an 'eco-argument' against a development, you're more likely to succeed in delaying or preventing it than if it comes down to mere economics. For months now there has been a three-cornered fight between rival proposals for supermarket developments near the centre of Shipley (despite the existence in Shipley of a large Asda, an Aldi and several other superstores within driving distance).  I understood that the proposed Morrisons development, including a store and housing behind Shipley rail station, had been approved by planners - but now there is an appeal.

Personally, I think it would be good if the land earmarked (below) was used for something. It is very much an eyesore of wasteland and plagued by fly-tipping. If there are valuable species there, then maybe it ought to be developed into a park....


  1. That's just it Jenny, I have no problem with progress and development but why is it always another branch of a supermarket, especially if there is already one in the area.. money speaks that's for sure.

  2. Seems like they could build and add lots of flowering shrubs in the landscaping that the butterflies like...why does a building have to end the butterflies?

  3. I had to google fly tipping. It does seem like building could take place and the butterflies preserved if it was done right. I'm all for saving the land from development if possible.


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