Thursday, 9 April 2015

A churchyard in spring

Turning left at the top of the Radical Steps, a short stroll brings you into the churchyard of Kirby Lonsdale's parish church, St Mary's. I imagine it must be at its prettiest right now in early spring, with random sweeps of daffodils and crocuses among the gravestones.

The church (which I didn't have time to explore inside) has Norman origins, evidenced by the rounded arches. This doorway in the base of the tower appears to be Norman but has been subjected to some (not particularly sympathetic) restoration at some point. I really like the variety of colours in the stonework.


  1. Lovely churchyard, but what a curiously-placed clock! It looks as if it's fallen off the chimney-breast and landed on the mantelpiece!

    1. What a thought! But you are quite right, it does...

  2. I love these typical English graveyards with their crooked grave stones and in spring it even looks better ! Lovely picture !

  3. It does look lovely with the flowers around, Jenny!

  4. The graveyard is quite pretty, but the architect of that church isn't winning any awards. John is right about that entirely misplaced clock.


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