Sunday, 26 April 2015

Britain from the Air

To Leeds to meet my sister for lunch.... Outside the City Art Gallery, until 7 May, there is a large display of photos of various locations in the UK, taken from the air. 'Britain from the Air' is a touring exhibition created by the Royal Geographical Society, in conjunction with various sponsors. A few of the images can be seen on the website.  The aerial viewpoint offers a very different perspective on things from that which we usually see. From field patterns to tents at Glastonbury, famous landmarks to day-to-day activities like markets, from our cities and villages to the wildest landscapes - there is a photo there to interest everyone. It made me realise that, for its size, Britain must have some of the most diverse geography on earth. It also made me long to travel more, knowing that there is still so much for me to explore of these islands, without having to travel to exotic locations.


  1. The thing that surprises me over there is how close everything is but it is not necessarily easy to get to places.

  2. This would be fun to see. Years ago there was a series of photo books called something like London from the Air, Paris from the Air, etc. I was fascinated by the various photos. Wouldn't you like to get a drone and a GoPro and do your own aerial photography?

  3. I love aerial views. On the rare occasions that I fly, I try hard to get a window seat and spend much of my time with my nose against the window.


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