Friday, 24 April 2015

Magic beans

Conversazione 4: For the price of a few magic beans (£1 a bag!) you could buy yourself a story from a red-hatted storyteller, assuming you could find one in the warren of rooms that make up the Victoria Hall. I was lucky enough to discover them all in one place, having a photo taken in the lobby, so they gave me their best smiles. The storytelling activity was inspired by Settle Stories, a charity set up in the Dales 'to promote the power of storytelling for individuals, communities and organisations'. It is a wonderful way to preserve our oral history, helping people learn through diverse stories originating from individuals and different groups in our communities but often containing universal truths.


  1. What an excellent idea ! the red hats look so funny !

  2. Sounds like a delightful and entertaining event - full marks for the creativity of the organisers; and thanks to you for sharing the occasion Jenny.

  3. So, where was John from Hanglands and Martinis?


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