Wednesday, 15 April 2015

More blossom

More pink blossom, this time in Saltaire. It's so pretty, so frothy looking but it soon gets dashed by the wind and we have quite a strong wind at the moment.

By the way, if anyone is nearby this coming weekend, it is Saltaire's World Heritage Celebration weekend, now an annual event but with a different 'spin' each time. This year sees the return of the Saltaire Conversazione, a concept popular in Victorian times, introduced to Saltaire in 1878 and that continued here until 1964. The original idea was an event where science, art, culture, innovation, technology and entertainment mingled, a place where people could go to enjoy themselves, talk and engage with ideas - read here for more about that. And here for a full programme of events.

Hopefully there will be lots blossoming this weekend....


  1. A handsome and colorful tree.

  2. The pink and tousled flowers offer a nice contrast with the severe grey stones !


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