Friday, 17 April 2015

The Lion, the Witch...

... but no wardrobe.

I'm not generally someone who 'sees' animals in clouds or faces on vegetables, and I certainly wouldn't keep a piece of toast for eternity, even if I suspected it showed an image of the blessed Virgin Mary.  Such a tendency is apparently called Pareidolia: the psychological phenomenon whereby a vague and random stimulus (usually an image or a sound) is perceived as significant.

That didn't stop me suddenly seeing a lion and a witch on a concrete wall in Shipley!


  1. I always see something in the clouds, even an elephant, I have a lot of fantasy ! I would have seen a cat and not a lion in the wall:) !

  2. I see a monkey in the 1st one. ;-))

  3. Oh, yes! A message from Narnia, do you suppose?

  4. I see a concrete wall and a concrete wall. No imagination.


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