Friday, 21 August 2015

Big skies

I've mentioned that my daughter and family have moved from London back to their roots in Yorkshire. It's lovely for me having them nearer. The drive from my home to theirs takes me about 50 minutes. It's quite a spectacular and 'active' drive, along narrow and twisty country roads, up and down steep hills and across a wide stretch of high Pennine moorland. Lovely in summer, though I am a bit apprehensive for the winter. The high terrain makes for some wonderful 'big skies' where you can see the weather changing as you watch. On this day the storm clouds were amazing and you could see the rain coming from the far distance.
(Click photo to view larger).


  1. Hi Jenny - I hadn't realised they'd moved north ... that must be somewhat easier - though I guess the winter times might be a bit of a pain. But the drive must be spectacular - as you say winter could be challenging ... but I guess those days you stay over if it's possible and schedules allow.

    Gorgeous views ... and those big skies ... love the photo - it's a glorious part of the world. You'll miss London - yet country visits and walks with the littlies will be just brilliant - take care and all the best - Hilary

  2. How wonderful that they are closer! 50 minutes is very doable! yay!

    What a photo...LOVE that sky!

  3. Wow - what a view, Jenny! You will be watching the weather reports before heading out there in the winter.

  4. This is quite a view. I think I have seen it on some of the Masterpiece Theater dramas. (Our public television stations' showings of BBC dramas.)


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