Sunday, 23 August 2015

Chilling out in the park

When the weather is good, Saltaire's Roberts Park is always full of folks enjoying themselves, having a drink or an ice-cream from the Half Moon Café, watching the cricket, playing games and, no doubt, enjoying people-watching as much as I do. The clothes may have changed but I think the overall scene has probably changed little since the Park was first opened in 1871.


  1. I would be fun to see a photo from that era and compare, wouldn't it?

  2. Your park is beautiful, jennyfreckles. It seems to have fewer floral plantings than mine.

    In Elizabeth Park, there are official weddings, not just photo sessions. In July and August, there might be a dozen weddings each Saturday afternoon. Permits are required so that the weddings are spread out over the popular parts of the park.


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