Monday, 23 November 2015

Art, beer and curiosities...

It seems somewhat strange to me that as traditional pubs are closing down, new outlets are opening up that sell beer. This is one such: The Triangle on Bradford Road in Shipley. It's a small shop/off licence selling specialist craft beers, alongside artworks from local artists and a range of music including vinyl records. They have a gallery upstairs and host live music events, exhibitions, food and drink 'tastings'. They also sell goods from Edward Street Bakery - an 'independent craft bakery' that has recently sprung up in Saltaire. The bakery (which I think is just a small house in the village) makes bread, cakes and savouries that they sell from their garden shed on some Sundays, in Saltaire's monthly market, through The Triangle and from pop-up shops that appear in various places (such as Leeds rail station).

I can hardly begin to understand this new type of retail: local, community focussed, almost experimental, communicated through word of mouth and - crucially - social media to those in the know and 'on trend' (ie: generally, not 60-something grannies like me!) It is not, somehow, very graspable... But the retail model seems to work, for as long as people want it to, and it offers something a bit different and 'limited edition' - be that food, beer, clothes or whatever.


  1. I seem to be out of the loop of social media too, Jenny!

  2. It looks cute...hope they make a good go of it!

  3. I remember the days when you would get your beer in pubs that had tobacco-soaked walls and etched glass in the windows to stop folk seeing in. Women were only allowed in the "Snug" and children were left outside in their pram with a bottle of pop (Isobel distinctly remembers this happening to her). What is the world coming to?

  4. It does seem an odd mix Jenny, but if it works all's well :)


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