Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Meerkats and wobblies

It is possibly only aired in the UK but we have a series of rather silly TV adverts for an insurance-comparison website (, called 'Compare the Meerkats'. It features anthropomorphic meerkat puppets and by using the site you can claim a meerkat toy, should you desire one! As a result I can never see the creatures without thinking of it. I'm sure I'm not the only one!

Thorpe Perrow has a Birds of Prey and Mammal centre, mainly to increase its appeal to families and children, I suppose. The meerkats provide endless amusement and there are wallabies too. I can't see them without remembering that my daughter used to call them wobblies.


  1. And I can't see antelopes without remembering my baby brother singing:
    Home, home on the range
    Where the dear old antelopes play!

  2. I've seen the ads on line with the meerkats but well before that they were my favourite creatures at our zoo!

  3. We call them wobblies too sometimes. As cute as they are I am fed up with the ones eating my spring flowers.

  4. cute. I love those baby names that remain with fond memory throughout a lifetime...


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