Monday, 30 November 2015

New Mill chimney

Pale winter light on Saltaire's New Mill chimney seems to really emphasise the ornate design of the stonework.

I don't know if you can see them but there are always gulls perched on the roof of the Health Services offices. It must be warm up there.

The holly bush in the foreground is one of several planted at the bottom of Victoria Road. It seems the village founder, Sir Titus Salt, was a bit of a collector of them and there are a lot of holly bushes growing all around this area.  I note they have been threaded through with strings of lights recently, as part of Saltaire's Christmas decorations. I don't think they have been decorated in previous years. I must remember to go and see what they look like lit up. It might be rather pretty.


  1. Nobody would go to so much trouble to beautify a chimney these days. Now they put up a few coloured lights and think they've achieved something.

  2. Must have been a bit tricky putting lights on a holly bush! Love the ornate chimney - classy!

  3. See all the things you have spotted in this seemingly simple photo?

    Thanks for your visits while I was away. It was fun seeing your comments there when I had a chance to get online for a bit.


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