Monday, 2 November 2015

Watch out!

Thorpe Perrow Arboretum is one of the finest private collections of trees and shrubs in the UK. It was created by one man, Colonel Sir Leonard Ropner (1895 - 1977), whose fortune came from the family shipping business and who served as an MP for many years. The estate is now owned and managed by Sir John Ropner, his son. I believe the family still live in the big house across the lake. Casual visitors are deterred from swimming across by the shark and crocodiles that inhabit the lake (ha!)

Young visitors could follow the Halloween Trail through the trees. Spooky! Rather too realistic for my liking.


  1. What a beautiful place! The reflection of them in the water is amazing.
    Halloween makes to get panic on seeing them...

  2. The arboretum is a lovely area and beautiful--a joy to photograph. I just followed your January, 2011 Heritage Theme tour.. Fascinating place in which to live, filled with history. You did a beautiful job on those posts. I've been on CDP for years and wonder how I missed your blog!

  3. I like the Ropner sense of humour Jenny :) very lovely reflections in those shark infested waters :)

  4. I love that first shot, Jenny!


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