Monday, 28 December 2015

Baildon Bridge

At least the rabbit is prepared!

More flood pictures! It all has a compelling fascination - at once heartbreaking (when you see the flooded houses, businesses, damaged roads and bridges) and scary but also awesome to comprehend the power of the water and the scale of the floods. There were many people out with their phones. I didn't take my camera as it was so very wet.

This is Baildon Bridge over the River Aire just downstream from Saltaire. I was standing on a traffic island in the middle of the road.

The water was right up to the top of the arches...  river on the right, road on the left!

Green Lane, Baildon - not so green now!  Baildon Bridge (previous pics) passes across the photo between the buildings at the bottom of the road.

A family had to be rescued from the upper floor of one of these houses. In the background you can see the Victoria Mills apartment complex. That was inundated, though I think the lowest floors are mainly car-parking and service areas rather than residences. The picture below is in the centre of the VM complex and is a bar, the VM Lounge, flooded almost to the ceiling. The greenery is the tops of trees on the outdoor terrace.


  1. Hi Jenny - thanks for taking some photos for us ... it does look quite appalling - but then we understand the force of nature ... they are raging torrents.

    With thoughts to one and all ... Hilary

  2. It is horrible to see these pics, Jenny! I hope your daughter's house remains flood free but it must be awful to be cut off from the roadway.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a mess! I hope things improve soon.

  4. Wow...that is a lot of water!
    We're growing a little pond in our backyard from the rain...but nothing like this, of course!

  5. What remarkable scenes! Be careful, jennyfreckles.


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