Friday, 11 December 2015

Close Encounters at the Industrial Museum 6

The larger of these two vehicles is a model of one of the tramcars that used to run between Saltaire and Undercliffe.  See here for old photos of a similar tram. The first tramshed was built around 1900 on the site of what is now a carpark behind the Victoria Hall. A little later a larger building was constructed at the top of Saltaire Road. It is still standing and still recognisable as a tramshed - the huge arched doors are now glassed in. These days it is a pub/restaurant called The Hop.

The 237 tram was built in Shipley in 1904. The model shows it as it was in 1912, after the top deck had been extended and covered to accommodate 38 passengers. It was used on various routes but it was limited because it was too tall to pass under a railway bridge in Eccleshill. Trams were phased out in favour of trolleybuses, which had overhead wires but no rails and the last trolleybus ran in Bradford in 1972. I remember it!  It's interesting that nowadays many cities are once again investing in tram systems as a cleaner, faster solution to public transport.

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  1. I love the open deck. Must have been fun to travel in this


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