Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Mill / shop

The bike shop within Salts Mill.... or Salts Mill within the bike shop.

All Terrain Cycles is one of several shops locally selling bicycles and cycling accessories. It is reputed to be one of the largest and best-stocked cycling shops in the country, with over 1000 bikes in stock, and a fitting centre and repair workshop too. It is housed in what used to be Salts Mill's boiler house. Aim for the huge chimney and you will find it tucked away at the base.

There is a strong local tradition of cycling, despite the hilly countryside around here. Lizzie Armitstead, the current World, Commonwealth and National road race champion was born and raised in the nearby town of Otley, where she was inspired to take up cycling after British Cycling's Olympic Talent Team visited her school. The Grand Départ of the Tour de France was a huge success in Yorkshire in 2014 and the county now has an annual Tour de Yorkshire.


  1. I hope you have a good bike and that you use it on a daily basis!

  2. Despite the number of bikes in Cambridge we don't have a shop on that scale - lots of smaller ones though. Our local hero is Victoria Pendleton who was brought up just a few miles from here.

  3. I like the reflection. We have a good many cycling shops here- and many, many kilometres of bike trails crisscrossing the city. Though most bicyclists here just stop for the winter.

  4. That is a good location for it, Jenny!


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