Saturday, 25 June 2016

Can't decide... 2

Narrowboats at the moorings on the Springs Canal in the centre of Skipton.

Another decision to make... do I prefer the longer view with the lead-in and the nice reflections - or the close-up detail of the boat and the bike? 


  1. Whenever I see your posts on the narrow boats at Skipton, I think of the holiday we almost had there. We even sent money to our daughter living in London at the time to book a narrow boat for us but someone got ill in the family and we couldn't go. I like the landscape composition better.

  2. I vote for the top one! ;-)

  3. I see things to love about both . . . the flowers in the first shot and the feeling of distance in the second.

  4. You can record my vote in favor of the first one. Nice composition.


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