Tuesday, 14 June 2016

In pursuit of art

It's a while since I visited Wakefield so I treated myself to a day out there  - in pursuit of art. (It was a few weeks ago. Been so busy...)  I've mentioned that I belong to a camera club and every year the Yorkshire Photographic Union, which is a collaboration between all the Yorkshire clubs, holds an exhibition. It is considered very prestigious to get your photograph chosen for the exhibition. (I don't even try, the standard is so high.) This year the exhibition was held in Wakefield Town Hall so I went along to be impressed (and I was!)

I also took the opportunity to revisit The Hepworth gallery, which has a permanent collection of Barbara Hepworth's sculptures, as well as showing other artwork and temporary exhibitions. The building itself is very sculptural and exciting, inside and out.


  1. The building has a very modern look to it... almost like a bunker.

  2. I'd love to tour through that building!

  3. The standard must be very high indeed, if you are daunted.

  4. Go on Jenny! Put one of your shots forward, I think you would get a very pleasant surprise!


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